Achieve optimal performance, security, and flexibility in an assured service.

Deploying and maintaining critical enterprise systems doesn’t allow for a slowdown, let alone an outage – and staying ahead of potential issues within your application portfolio is a constant challenge. ILINX Cloud is a SaaS-based process innovation platform that enables organizations to simultaneously address the needs for performance, adaptability, and security with predictable costs, reduced IT burden, and dynamic scalability.
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Technical Highlights

1. Low-code/No-code platform enables quick deployments and simple scalability
2. Certified in multiple third-party compliance audits
3. Flexible process platform supports hyperautomation across the enterprise
4. No installation, equipment updates or traditional licensing management
5. Frequent, automated updates ensure uninterrupted access to vital data and services

Process-enable your hybrid workforce

Provide the same great experience to both in-office and remote staff without the challenges of managing secure, anywhere-available access. With ILINX Cloud, your organization can grow unimpeded, hire talent anywhere, and give employees the flexibility to work from wherever.

Regain precious staff time

Focus your staff on the strategic initiatives and leave app management to the process innovation experts. Always be assured that the latest updates are applied and that both software and hardware systems are running smoothly and performing at optimal levels.

Security without compromise

Your vital business data and systems are protected under SOC2 Type II compliance standards and dozens of other certifications. ILINX Cloud relieves the stress of managing InfoSec while guaranteeing that the strictest policies and procedures are keeping your information secure.

Real-World Applications:

A Consistent Experience

Centralized updates ensure that your employees and customers are always using the same interfaces and functions.

Never Miss a Hotfix

Issues and vulnerabilities are patched and immediately elminated at the source.

Enable Universal Access

Users throughout your organization can create, share, and access content and applications using one device-agnostic, web-based experience.