Tribal Nations Solutions

Modernize Tribal operations with ILINX process innovation.

As sovereign governments, Tribal Nations are completely responsible for Tribal infrastructure, social services, and negotiations with state and federal governments. ILINX innovates processes from securing historical and financial documents to automating programs and benefits administration – all while generating valuable insights into membership and financial data. Digital experiences enable members to access information and services across the digital divide and diverse geographies.
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Use Cases

1. Automate enrollment with family records and blood quantum calculations
2. Create onboarding, training, and payroll processes for Tribal employees
3. Collect data and generate spending reports to support grant applications
4. Capture information and drive processes with workflow-connected member experiences
5. Convert historical documents into digital records for secure storage and retrieval

Create role-based digital experiences

ILINX Engage empowers Tribal Nations to deliver intuitive digital experiences that intelligently adapt to the user’s role. Leaders, members, prospective members and employees get clear visibility into relevant services and benefits. The ILINX platform automates enrollment, member services, information access and reporting from one platform.

Enhance Tribal processes with AI-driven automation

Facilitate membership and programs, agency operations, and Tribal business operations. ILINX AI proactively determines benefits eligibility, predicts likely case outcomes, and recommends actions. Intelligent workflow speeds processes by automating manual steps (reducing labor time from hours or days to mere minutes) and routing information directly where needed.

Assemble, control, and analyze Tribal data

ILINX enables Tribal Nations to get a comprehensive view of data related to enrollment, finances, and operations. ILINX Analytics facilitates trend analysis and reporting for Tribal leadership, partner organizations, or external government agencies. ILINX makes it easy to own and secure your data with full control over what information you share and how.

Real-World Applications:

Tribal Enrollment

Support ancestry criteria, blood quantum calculations, status information, and changes to membership with a dedicated solution built specifically for Tribal enrollment.

Program Management

Verify eligibility, enroll participants, and manage cases with an experience that serves the needs of staff and participants.

Accounts Operations

Standardize contract and grant processes from start to finish. Automate terms and status tracking to speed processing, eliminate payment errors, and improve budgeting.