eGovernment Solutions

Innovate public-facing and internal processes with one platform.

Government agencies must balance accessibility, security, and compliance while centering every initiative around the public interest. ILINX enables agencies to connect and build on legacy systems, making processes more efficient, transparent, and cost-effective without ripping and replacing underlying technology. Enhanced digital experiences and seamless services bolster constituent trust.
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Use Cases

1. Deliver delightful role-based, device-agnostic digital experiences for any government service
2. Reduce repetitive tasks, mine your business intelligence, and improve citizen interactions with ILINX AI
3. Capture critical information and drive processes immediately with workflow-connected smart eForms
4. Enable 24/7 self-service and status tracking for licensing, permitting, and case management
5. Automate compliance and policy management with integrated workflows and retention rules

Unify legacy systems and content

ILINX layers on top of existing systems, ensuring continued access to content and applications while offering updated user experiences. The platform’s modular design enables agencies to address vital operations immediately and add capabilities as requirements evolve.

Leverage AI to accelerate processes

The AI embedded in ILINX enables agencies to generate insights, summaries, and predictions within a secure, containerized solution. Use your agency’s data as the foundation of a large language model (LLM) that delivers privately controlled intelligence tailored to your agency’s processes.

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Enhance constituent experiences

Improve digital equity and constituent access to services with intuitive, device-agnostic digital experiences that tailor to user role. Enable 24/7 self-service and progress-tracking with intelligent workflows that drive processes while relieving the burden on your agency’s knowledge workers.

Real-World Applications:

Case Management

Create process transparency for constituents and staff with role-based digital experiences. Use AI to speed processing, identify benefits eligibility, and flag issues.

Public Records Requests

Intake and process FOIA requests with intuitive interfaces, collaboration tools, and AI-powered redaction.

Compliance and Auditing

Leverage automation to meet federal and state regulations while generating complete activity records.